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Creative Process

My background as set designer for theatre and opera has deeply influenced my creative process as a painter. I often use on the confined space of a canvass the same materials I chose to paint large sets. My experience as scenic artist gave me the opportunity to learn and experiment with a variety of different materials. It also helped me develop the skills required to create faux finish effects, trompe l'oeil and other painting illusions, which are essential to conjure the magic of the theatre.

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I mostly draw inspiration from poetry, plays, and photography I either come across, or deliberately choose to research. The motif of the moon as a symbol of intuition, dreams, and emotionally filled subconscious states recurs consistently in my work. I paint the Universe as a whole and interconnected meccanism: this holds a significant meaning for me, and is deeply intertwined with my faith. I am a Buddhist, and Buddhism has had a profound and lasting influence on my entire life.


Drawing on canvas

After sketching on canvas with a pencil, I begin layering the work with plaster. My fondness for texture is rooted in my passion for the Impressionism. Ever since learning about the work of artists like Monet, Manet, Degas, and Renoir, I couldn't stop thinking of the way they wielded their brushes. I was profoundly inspired by their work, that I was able to see in person at the Musée d'Orsay. I like using texture to give my artworks their distinctive character.  

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Metallics effects

My fascination for metallic paints also originates from my set designing background. As a scenic artist, I often used metallic paints to create moods and light reflections. I frequently used gold, silver, and bronze hues to reproduce valuable and precious objects. This is where I learned some brushstroke techniques that create some very interesting and distinct effects when put on paper. Texture and metallic accents have become a signature of my artistic work. 

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