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Sound on Art

Sound On Art creates immersive sound experiences inspired by visual art, evoking the SHARAWADJI effect—a sensation of inexplicable beauty from complex soundscapes.

Sound of Hybrid Artist (SHA), choose classical paintings that resonate personally and collaborates with contemporary artists to bring art to life through bespoke soundtracks.

These soundscapes invite listeners to engage deeply with the artwork, discovering unseen details and forming unique emotional connections.

The combination of sight and sound, amplifies and transcends the visual experience, making art come alive in a profound and immersive way.

My collaboration with SHA began with creating the soundtrack for The Dreamer, followed by Bucephalus and The Ghost Light. These dual pieces of art, comprising a painting and a unique transparent vinyl, are exhibited in several exhibitions.

By scanning the QR code on the label, the audience can experience a 30-second preview, immersing themselves in the painting through SHA's evocative sound creation.

The full soundtrack is available only to the painting's owner. For each painting, only three limited edition vinyl records are created—one for the artist SHA, one for myself, and one for the owner of the painting.


The Ghost Light



Vinyl_pict_TGL 2.png

The Dreamer

Vinyl_pict_TGL 3.png
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