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"Red Shoes" captures a graceful ballerina viewed from the back, adorned in striking red shoes and a vibrant red tutu. Her poised posture and fluid movements embody the beauty and elasticity of dance. The rich gold background provides a stunning contrast, highlighting the elegance and dynamism of her performance. This painting celebrates the artistry and passion of ballet, where every motion exudes grace and strength.


Original painting, mixed media on canvas. The texture is created with elastic plaster. Acrylic painting with silver and gold dust, matte varnish finishing.


Unframed. Signed on the front and the back.

Certificate of Authenticity included.


Red Shoes

  • 97 cm x 60 cm

    3,80 cm depth

    Mixed media on canvas.

  • Worldwide: The cost of the painting doesn't include delivery. Please get in touch.

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