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This painting, titled "The Ugly Duckling," captures the heartwarming moment when the duckling, now a graceful swan, has found his kind. He stands among a flock of elegant white swans, always smiling, a reflection of the joy that comes from finding one's true tribe.


The fairytale tells the story of a plain-looking, little white bird. The yellow ducklings around him do not accept him, so he embarks on a journey to find a home, but he does not seem to fit in anywhere. Eventually, he discovers a flock of kind white swans who accept him.


This painting embodies the transformative power of belonging and the happiness that comes when we find where we truly belong.


Original painting, mixed media on canvas. The texture is created with elastic plaster. Acrylic painting with silver and gold dust, matte varnish finishing.


Unframed. Signed on the front and the back.

Certificate of Authenticity included.


The Ugly Duckling

  • 30 cm x 40 cm

    2 cm depth

    Mixed media on canvas.

  • Worldwide: The cost of the painting doesn't include delivery. Please get in touch.

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